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Memorial Day

While I may be running a big sale this weekend, I want to take a moment to reflect on WHY. The only reason I have the opportunity to own and operate Red Shirt Comics is because of the sacrifices of those who have died in protection of our nation; and the rights and freedoms this nation affords us. Generations have laid it all on the line so that we wouldn't have to. So that those who came next would have a better life, free to pursue their dreams and have families of their own.

Superhero comics are a big part of that legacy. They are distinctly American and an indelible part of our culture and heritage now, having been allowed to flourish in a country where speech and art are protected unassailable freedoms.

So here are some resources about how comics fit into the culture of America and links to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, because even in the USA sometimes those freedoms still need protecting.

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