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About Us

Red Shirt Comics history is a brief one, but it still spans a lifetime. I still remember my earliest visits to a comic book shop. More than anywhere else it was my favorite place to be. My father would take me Sundays if I was good. He'd chit chat with the proprietor as I rummaged through the racks looking for the best story. He always grinned ear to ear seeing how happy I was and always bought me one more comic than I asked for. That was just who my father was.

By the time I reached my teen years, I was riding my bike to the comic shop 4 times a week, going to conventions, and spending almost every dollar I had there. It was more than just bonding with my dad, it was a lifestyle. And it wasn't just comics, it was Star Wars, Star Trek, Conan, Godzilla, Terminator, horror movies from every decade. I loved it all. It became my dream to own a comic book shop.


But like many people, I didn't pursue my dream. I still fell into retail eventually, and spent years managing a golf shop. After the executives ran that company into the ground I found myself in a position where I had no job and all the retail experience a person could ask for. So from there I set my sights on my long lost dream, opening a comic shop.


I thought long and hard, fretted and sketched and doodled. What represents my store? What represents my world view? Well, I always loved Roddenberry's unabashed optimism so I kept coming back to Star Trek names. But what do I want to stand for? Who is this business for? Who do I want my customers to be? I realized I want to serve the everyman; the regular guy or gal who works hard and gets none of the credit. All the people shuffling around in the background with their own dreams and imaginations who are just trying to get by. The people who take all the risks without any of the rewards.


And thus, Red Shirt Comics was born.


But We Didn't Get Here Alone...


Quite simply I did not have enough starting capital to get a business loan but I couldn't give up before I even started so I took to IndieGoGo to fundraise. The outpouring of support from family and friends was inspiring.


So whatever comes of Red Shirt Comics I will be forever grateful to those who supported my dream.

Geneva Hagar

Doug & Fran Cody

John & Nancy Lynch

Robert Carlson

William Cortegiano

Ron & Julie Tedeschi

Nico & April Martinez

AJ Russo

Reid Malvin


Jodi & Bryan Krebs

Drew Alexander

Jen & Joey Napolitano

Colby Ouellette

Allan C Devine

Naomi Rabinowitz

Dan & Denise Feduk

Danielle Indovino Cawley

Tom Ketcham

Joseph Malloy

April Hussong


Michael Lyon

Philip Dickler

XM Solutions LLC

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