Captain's Picks 01.29.20

Marvel Pick of the Week: Ravencroft #1 (of 5) $3.99 What Previews said: (W) Frank Tieri (A) Angel Unzueta (CA) Kyle Hotz RAVENCROFT REOPENED! After the hellish horrors of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, the Ravencroft Institute has received a much-needed facelift and is open for business with a new staff, including JOHN JAMESON, looking to atone for the part he played in ABSOLUTE CARNAGE. But will Ravencroft return the mentally unstable villains of the Marvel Universe to upstanding citizens and give John the redemption he's looking for, or will they fall prey to the hospital's seemingly sinister nature? Rated T+ Marvel Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle #1 (of 5) $3.99 What Previews said

Captain's Picks 01.22.20

DC Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #750 $9.99 What Previews said: (W) Vita Ayala & Various (A) Elena Casagrande & Various (CA) Joëlle Jones Prestige Format An all-star 96-page celebration of the Amazon Princess by longtime favorites and acclaimed new voices! In the lead story, Wonder Woman's epic "Year of the Villain" battle comes to a close, leading the way to new challenges ahead. Additionally, this oversized gem tells tales from Diana's past, present and future by some of the greatest storytellers in the business- including Colleen Doran, Mariko Tamaki, the Teen Titans: Raven team of writer Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo, and legendary Wonder Woman creators returning to the charact

Captain's Picks 01.15.20

Marvel Pick of the Week: Iron Man 2020 #1 (of 6) $4.99 What Previews said: (W) Dan Slott, Christos N. Gage (A/CA) Pete Woods • The future is now! Artificial Intelligences presents a clear and present danger to humanity and must be brought to heel! • The Robot Rebellion battles for the establishment of robot rights! • And Arno Stark IS Iron Man! PLUS! Pete Woods' main cover art will feature a 5th Color Flourescent Ink treatment! Rated T+ DC Pick of the Week: Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant #1 $4.99 What Previews said: Includes 24 pages of new stories plus classic reprints! Other Pick of the Week: Undiscovered Country #3 $3.99 What Previews said: (W) Charles Soule, Scott Snyder (A) Gius

Captain's Picks 01.08.20

Marvel Pick of the Week: Star #1 (of 5) $3.99 What Previews said: (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Javier Pina (CA) Carmen Nunez Carnero BORN OF THE REALITY STONE, THE BREAKOUT CHARACTER FROM CAPTAIN MARVEL FLIES SOLO! Ambitious reporter Ripley Ryan rocked New York City when she became the hero STAR, adored by everyone. But in truth she was Dr. Minerva's attempt at a Kree-human Super-Soldier. Desperate for the strength to control her own destiny, she tried to kill Captain Marvel - and failed. Ripley was left, defeated and powerless, in the Raft...or so she thought. The Reality Stone has found her, and now no prison can hold her. You thought you knew what the Infinity Stones were capable of. Think ag

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