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Red Shirt Comics' Chadwick Boseman Memorial Fundraiser

Inspired by the legacy Chadwick Boseman left behind I have put together a small amount of Black Panther themed merchandise to help raise money for St. Jude and their enduring battle to save as many young lives as they can through research and treatment.

Unlike the villains Black Panther fights, cancer can't be punched or imprisoned. But it can be fought with science. When Chadwick himself was stricken with colon cancer 4 years before his death, he fought it bravely and privately, never allowing his struggle to divert attention from the issues he strove to spotlight through his performances, his activism, and his charitable giving. Even during the filming of Black Panther as Chadwick portrayed the powerful and forward thinking T'Challa, he was simultaneously undergoing treatment for his cancer, fighting just as hard off screen as on.

He was more than just an actor in a rubber suit. He left behind a legacy of dignity, of compassion, and of hope.

Wakanda Forever!

Click the images below for auction listings.


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