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Captain's Picks - Rules & Regulations

Okay, so here's the place where I'll be talking about my Captain's Picks, my choices for the best books to pick up that you might not already be reading. That said, let me give you a little preface on how selections are made: 1) Not all picks will appeal to the same audience. In fact, I'll more often than not try to find something for everyone.

2) For the most part, I'll try to pick one Marvel, one DC, and two "Others". I may occasionally break that mold, but most often not and you'll see why.

3) These picks aren't SOLELY about quality. They're also about tone, style, and accessibility. If it's the penultimate issue in a grand and epic crossover event and there's a mindblowing revelation, it probably won't be the pick of the week as it's not a good place for somebody who has no idea what's going on to jump in. In a situation like that, I'd probably write a separate blog post focusing solely on the event and what issues we still have in stock on it in case they still wanted to jump in.

4) I doubt I'll even include trades. This list is for comics only. Again, if a particular trade comes in that I think is noteworthy, you'll see something else posted about it.

5) Suggestions you might have? Disagree? More you want to discuss about a certain title? COMMENT! That's what the comments are there for, to engage and further expand the discussion.